A big welcome to our latest brand - Solovair!

A big welcome to our latest brand - Solovair!

We love welcoming new brands into the elevate your sole family, but this one in particular I have been so excited to introduce to you all!


In case you’re not familiar with the name Solovair, I’ll begin with a little background on them as a company. Starting way back in 1881 as the Northamptonshire Productive Society, a small team of 5 men were making boots under a government contract for the army. This soon grew in popularity (of course outside of the army as well) and by 1899, they moved to a bigger factory to accommodate their stock and staff, and they still own and work from the same premises to this day!


Now to some, these boots and shoes may look very familiar and we can almost guarantee one name will come to mind when you look at them - but there is a good reason for this! Solovair (or Sole-of-air) were originally marketed as Dr Martens by Solovair - that’s right, they are the original producers of the Dr Martens boots and shoes we all know and recognise! Although after all these years the two brands still look almost identical, there is one major difference in that Solovair are still made and produced solely in England, using the highest quality materials and the latest technology, alongside their traditional craftsmanship.


So let's take a closer look at some of the styles we have to offer. First up we have a firm favourite for the brand - the 8 eyelet boot! Available in four different colours, these are a classic look that everyone recognises, and they're so easy to style as they look great with jeans, skirts, dresses, leggings - pretty much anything! And even better, they're available in sizes UK 3 to a UK 12.


Next up we have the classic Chelsea boot. A sleek look that can easily be dressed up or down and available in a gorgeous brown colour, we know you will love these! Currently available in sizes UK 7 to UK 12.

And last but not least we have the 3 eyelet Gibson shoes. Again, easy to be dressed up or down and available in 4 colours, we just love how versatile this look can be. These shoes come in sizes UK 3 to a UK 12 (depending on the colour) so twinning could definitely be an option!


In store and online we will be stocking all of these favourites in their various colours and these will be available to men, woman and even older children so you can kit the whole family out, and we know some will be popular as winter school shoes. We hope you love these as much as we do - which ones are your favourites? Let us know! 


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