ACBC shoes - everything you need to know

ACBC shoes - everything you need to know

Here we are, entering into another new season and you may have noticed another new brand has joined the elevate your sole family! ACBC are already proving a popular choice, especially the fashion-eco conscious. I've given a little clue already, but who are ACBC and what makes them stand above the rest.

What does ACBC stand for?

So before we go any further into the brand, let’s just clear up exactly what these letters mean! ACBC stands for Anything Can Be Changed and as a company they strive to change the way the footwear industry works in terms of sustainability  and production.

Who founded ACBC shoes?

ACBC was created by Gio Giacobbe and Edoardo Iannuzzi in 2017 with a vision to be the future of footwear production. Putting sustainability and a “green” mindset at the forefront of their business, the aim is to influence, educate and inspire consumers and fellow footwear manufacturers to make better choices in an attempt to reverse climate change.

By 2018, just a year into their business, ACBC began winning awards for their products and year after year they have grown their name, their values and their product range making them one to watch for the future.

In 2021, ACBC achieved BCorp certification, recognised for using their business as a force for good, having committed to very high standard of corporate, environmental and social responsibility. One of only a handful of footwear manufacturers to achieve this.

ACBC Sustainble Trainers
ACBC Mens Shoes made with an apple base

Where are ACBC shoes made?

Designed in Italy, they have production locations in various places depending on the type of shoe. The majority of their products are manufactured in China and Indonesia, with some of the more traditional styles made in Portugal.

Each of their locations is chosen specifically to ensure that it aligns with their ethos and each shoe is made following their beliefs and mission. Suppliers are regularlarly audited to ensure that these standards are upheld and exceeded.

What Are ACBC shoes made from?

Take a look on our product pages and you'll see references to cactus, apple, grape, hemp and other wonderful things. Being truly organic vegan shoes, all the materials chosen in production are plant based and chemical free including the adhesives and dyes.

Materials are chosen for their suitability for use in footwear as a long lasting, durable material and also for their sustainability including the ability to biodegrade as is the case with all ACBC uppers. Amazing right?

Make a sustainable choice and take a look at our latest range of ACBC shoes here in the UK. 


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