Cute and comfortable! What are stylish walking shoes for women?

Cute and comfortable! What are stylish walking shoes for women?

The UK has a lot of beautiful areas to get out and about walking, and living in North Wales we certainly have our fair share! Whether you’re out walking for exercise or just to explore, the most important thing is to have comfortable and supportive footwear - but we also want to look good, right? So here are our top picks for stylish walking shoes for women!

What brand of shoes is best for walking?

There are always going to be certain brands we think of first when it comes to walking shoes, and we’re very lucky to have two of the best available at elevate your sole! 

Merrell are certainly considered specialists in the walking footwear world. Originally created to supply affordable high performance footwear, Merrell have strived to make their name known and are now thought of as one of the brands at the top of their game. With supportive, often waterproof and comfortable boots and shoes, they’re certainly a great choice for the serious walkers. 

Ecco are also are known for fantastic quality footwear, but did you know about their latest MX range? Taking a more stylish approach to their footwear, Ecco now offer a wide range of specialised footwear, ready for the great outdoors! Many styles feature Gore-TEX to keep feet warm and dry, and their lightweight non slip soles are perfect for going off road.

Ecco MX Ladies Waterproof Shoes

Ecco MX W Low GTX 820193 51052 Ladies Black Textile Waterproof Lace Up Trainers - Ecco Ladies Shoes with lightweight sole unit and gore-tex waterproof lining

Other brands to look at for women's walking shoes

We all know Skechers are a top trainer brand, but did you know they also make a range of shoes and boots suitable for walking? Keeping that cushioned soft comfort and lightweight design they’re so known for, if you love Skechers already then it’s definitely worth checking these out! 

Rieker have launched a new range of technical footwear, which provides a range of walking boots! Not only are they comfortable thanks to their AntiStress technology, they have fantastic grip and are a stylish alternative. A more affordable choice for those who are keen to get out and about. The Rieker Evolution range of shoes and boots it's definitely worth some consideration for fantastic style and cosy warm linings.

Rieker Ladies Boots

Rieker W0060-22 Ladies Tan Suede Water Resistant Lace Up Ankle Boots - Rieker Ladies Boots from the evolution range featuring a cosy warm lining and water resistant lining.

What to consider when purchasing walking shoes

As mentioned above, we want something stylish and we want to purchase a shoe or boot that the eye is naturally drawn to when you see it. But other than that, what else should you be looking for in walking footwear? 

First of all, the fit is hugely important. When you’re on your feet all day and especially when walking and exploring, your feet are likely to spread and swell as they get warmer. Even the most breathable walking shoes are likely to still make your feet sweat, so it’s usually advised when buying outdoor footwear to consider going up half a size to allow for the change in your feet.

Of course you also need to consider comfort. For a long day on your feet, the last thing you want or need is a hard insole which will make you ache and potentially cause blisters. You’ll find a lot of walking brands now offer a cushioned insole which will be enough for your feet to sink into without making them too soft.

And for the winter, you may want to consider a waterproof pair. We all know how the great British weather can change in an instant (we’re particularly used to this being based in a coastal town!) so it’s best to be prepared no matter what the weather has in store! 


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