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Are Hey dude shoes made by Crocs?

Two of our favourite brands have come together to create some of the most comfortable footwear on planet earth. We can't wait to see the bright patterns and bold colours in the upcoming season. Crocs have completed the purchase of Hey Dude and are moving forward with production, so let’s take a closer look at what this means for us.

Crocs Kids in Llandudno, UK

Photo of a selection of new Crocs Kids taken in Llandudno, UK

What is the purpose of Hey Dude shoes?

More commonly known as Dude’s, they’re considered a bit of an infant in the footwear world having been established in the 2000’s, but boy have they made an impression. If you’ve not heard of them before, they specialise in lightweight, cushioned and comfortable shoes. Priding themselves on taking shoe making 'back to basics', all of their footwear is designed to be easy wearing and created to give that walking on clouds feeling straight out of the box. 

Most recognised for their men’s and women’s slip on styles, Dude shoes have become a warm weather must have for many, with customers coming back year after year (often multiple times) to get the latest variations and bold colour combinations.

Dude Wally Serape

Dude Shoes for Men - Add a bit of colour to your summer wardrobe with the funky Dude Wally Serape. Supremely comfortable, you'll want to wear these shoes all summer long.

What company makes dude shoes?

Humble beginnings for this small Italian brand, Hey Dude have certainly done incredibly well over the last few years. They’re still considered a fairly small fish in a big pond when it comes to the world of footwear. Crocs however are clearly a huge business, with celebrity endorsements and high fashion collaborations, they’ve taken the footwear industry by storm despite them having a fairly marmite reception - you either love them or hate them!

With Crocs buying Hey Dude shoes this will give them a massive boost, and Crocs strongly believe their partnership will allow both sides to skyrocket in their field and fuel their strong ambitions for growth.

Why are Hey Dudes so popular & are Dude shoes good to wear?

Easy to slip on and perfect for the summer, Dude shoes are lightweight and come in various casual styles depending on what you’re looking for! Elasticated for ease of getting on and off, cushioned with memory foam insoles for extra comfort and available in a variety of different colours and funky designs.

I often describe these shoe as ones that you leave at the door. Kick on and kick off, you'll quickly find that they become you're favourite go-to footwear and you'll soon be looking to buy another pair.

Dude Wendy Shoes

Dude Shoes for Women - Show some love for Dude Wendy this summer, it'll be one of the comfiest decisions you make

How does the future look? 

Big, it's time to get excited! Both sides will continue to be make the fun loving, comfortable footwear that we know and love, with Crocs keeping their well known brightly coloured and beach friendly clogs, and Dude’s still being the lightweight, easy to wear, comfortable choice for the warmer weather. We're planning to expand our ranges to give you more choice than ever before!

Dude Karina ShoesDude Karina - The latest ladies Dude's to hit the shelves

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