Remonte D8670-01 Ladies Black Leather Side Zip Ankle Boots

Is Remonte the same as Rieker?

A question that we get asked a lot; 'Is Remonte the same as Rieker'? Yes and no, whilst Rieker and Remonte are sister brands, they each have their own identity and there are still reasons our customers go back to either and/or both year on year. Assuming that you're already familiar with the bigger sister (Rieker), let’s take a closer look at Remonte.

Is Remonte a good brand?

Absolutely! A premium brand specialising in style, comfort and functionality. Unlike Rieker, Remonte specialise exclusively in women’s footwear and although some of the styles may look quite similar to their sister brand 'Rieker', they certainly have their tell tale differences. With plenty of support, a range of fantastic styles and high levels of comfort, it’s easy to see why people love them so much.

Remonte D8671-12 Ladies Petrol Leather Zip & Lace Ankle Boots

Remonte D8671-12 Ladies Petrol Leather Zip & Lace Ankle Boots - A premium pair of leather Remonte ankle boots with fashionable detail and functional inner and outer zip. This is a typical style of Remonte Boots for the Autumn/Winter season.

Are Remonte shoes comfortable?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Fantastic design from many years of experience in crafting premium quality footwear puts them at the forefront of creating comfortable shoes, boots and sandals for both work and/or play. The use of first-rate materials in the construction of their footwear and the addition of Remonte soft insoles in every pair, will mean that your feet will be beyond comfy! Similar to memory foam offered in some Rieker (sister brand) styles, your feet will sink into the insoles creating a cushioned softness throughout wear - you really won’t want to take them off!

Remonte D0903-81 Ladies White Leather Zip & Lace TrainersRemonte D0903-81 Ladies White Leather Zip & Lace Trainers - Remonte Trainers in white leather featuring a soft insole for maximum comfort.

Are Remonte shoes leather?

This simple answer is; most of the time with 90%+ of Remonte footwear being made of leather. There are occasions when this isn't going to be the case and we'll endeavour to make you fully aware of this. In any event, Remonte are committed to using sustainable materials of premium quality.

Remonte Sandals

Remonte D7752-52 Ladies Mint Touch Fastening Sandals - Non leather, adjustable Remonte Sandals featuring removable insoles so that own orthotics can be used.

Are Remonte wide fit?

Remonte come in a range of widths in many of their styles, but generally speaking they’re quite generous in their fittings. They also tend to make their footwear easily accessible, with additional zips, laces and elastics to make it really easy to take them on and off and find that perfect fit no matter your foot type.

Remonte R1467-35 Ladies Vino Red Multi Leather Water Resistant Zip & Lace Ankle BootsRemonte R1467-35 Ladies Vino Red Multi Leather Water Resistant Zip & Lace Ankle Boots - A more traditional style of Remonte ankle boots with generous width fitting finished in a premium burgundy leather and featuring a water resistant Remonte Tex lining.

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One thing I appreciate chez Remonte is the rounded toe box. I have “duck feet” (wide in front; average or even a bit narrow at the heel).


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