What are the most comfortable sandals for problem feet?

What are the most comfortable sandals for problem feet?

The warmer weather is upon us (we hope!), so we know a lot of people are starting to plan out their summer wardrobe and of course a staple of this is the perfect pair of sandals! But for those with existing foot problems, we know that finding comfortable sandals that are stylish and pain free can be a bit of a nightmare. So I’ve put together a list of my top picks for those who need something a little more supportive and structured for their summer look!

 Fitflop Sandal

One of the most well known brands in this field is Fitflop. Since starting business in 2007, their mission as a company has been to create footwear that not only looks good, but also enhances the way you walk and uses scientific research to really focus on what is most comfortable. Their bio mechanically developed midsoles work with your natural movement, and you can certainly feel the difference once they’re on your feet! 

If you prefer a toe post style, the iQushion is affordable, fashionable and perfect for the beach! 

Or if you’d rather an open toe sandal, we love the Lulu Glitter Slides (which are also available as a toe post if you love the chunkier wedge sandal) for a glitzy summer look. Don't miss out on the mens range too.

Waldlaufer Sandals 

Another customer favourite all year around for problem feet is Waldlaufer; a German business that pride themselves on comfort and sustainability in everything they make. Beginning as a family business (and still within the family to this day!) they have now been making shoes for over 60 years and although it may not be a name you recognise, it’s certainly one you will go back to over and over again. When it comes to their range of sandals, each are made from a high quality leather to ensure they are soft and comfortable against the foot, and each have removable comfort insoles (yes, even in the sandals!) so you can insert your own orthotic insole if needed, or even just to create extra room. They are also known for their wider fits, and we find that customers who struggle with their feet and ankles find these much easier to fit and adjust.

In particular, we love the look of these yellow sandals! With two rip tape straps over the foot and a buckle at the heel, these are easy to get on and off so perfect for those who struggle to find the correct fit. 

If you prefer to be out and about walking, then they also have a fab range of walking sandals including this stylish blue pair which again has two adjustable rip tape straps over the foot and another around the ankle.

What sandals do podiatrists recommend?

Our final pick has to go to Strive for their fantastic sandals with arch support. We have a lot of customers who tell us they suffer with plantar fasciitis and they struggle to find shoes and sandals which help their feet rather than cause additional pain. By using Biomechanical Footbed Technology, Strive develop their sandals to have a built in orthotic contoured footbed which allows your foot to sit and move naturally with every step. With a medical background in the orthotics industry and approved by podiatrists, these really are a top choice for those with problem feet!

Strive Capri Black Sandals

We especially love the Capri sandals which are available in a variety of bright colours for that ultimate summer look. Easy to slip on and with a toe post style design, these are hugely stylish and will look perfect with your favourite summer outfit.

Alternatively, if you’re not keen on the toe post design we also love the Trio sandals! Easy to dress up or down and take you from day to night, they’re great for slipping on and off for those beach days with a fully open toe styling.

So there we have it! Our top picks for those problem feet this summer. We hope this blog helps you find your perfect pair and we can’t wait for that summer sun!

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