Selection of slippers

Which slippers are best for foot pain?

The weather is chillier, the darker evenings are here, so what could be nicer than snuggling up at home with blankets, PJs and a comfy pair of slippers? But for those who suffer with foot problems, finding that perfect pair can sometimes be problematic - I mean, it’s not easy to relax with aches and pains taking over. With that in mind, here’s a guide to our top picks of slippers for problem feet! But first…

Why is it so important to find the right pair of slippers?

Slippers certainly make a good home time alternative to shoes! They can help relieve your feet after being in harder footwear throughout the day and offer some much needed comfort as you relax. But just like with shoes, in order to avoid any continuing foot problems, it’s important to find the pair that are right for you whether that means additional arch support, a shaped footbed or maybe even extra support around the heel. We know a lot of our customers suffer with extremely painful issues with their feet, from plantar fasciitis to pre and post operation pain and they often find they have to rediscover what footwear is actually good for them and what may cause more issues or pain along the way. Although every day shoes are always their focus (and rightly so), slippers are certainly just as important to get the same amount of comfort at home.

So which brands would we recommend?

 Strive slippers

We just love this years collection of slippers from Strive. Not only are they great for your feet thanks to them being recommended by podiatrists, but they are also incredibly stylish, warm and comfortable! The soft and fluffy lining is just what you need after a long day on your feet, while the built in arch support in every style means those with existing foot problems can still find comfort. With open back slip on styles, and ones with heel support as well (as shown in the image above), they’re so easy to get on and off, so no more struggling!

 Birkenstock slippers

Although we’ve stocked their sandals and boots for a while now, Birkenstock slippers are new for us this season! The moulded footbed helps your feet sit in the correct place, making them more comfortable and supported in all the right areas, including arch support, moulded toe areas and protection around the heel and toe to ensure no injuries during the natural movement of the foot. They’re also incredibly stylish and already a popular choices with Birkenstock fans!

 Fitflop slippers

Another popular brand for people with foot problems is FitFlop, and it’s no different when it comes to their slipper range! Their famous Microwobbleboard footbed targets the three main areas of the foot to ensure the perfect amount of cushioning, keeping feet comfortable and aiding a correct walking style. Similar to the Birkenstocks, these are incredibly easy to slip on and off, so a fab choice for those who struggle with other styles of slipper. 

Have you found your new favourite?

We hope this small guide has helped you decide which brand might be best to go with to help with any existing foot problems, or maybe it’s helped you realise your feet may need some extra support! We do of course have many other brands and styles both in store and online, from soft and fluffy to traditional styles that everyone loves - so if you don’t see your perfect pair in this blog then please do take a look at our full range of comfortable slippers.

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