Ruby Shoo Christmas Time

Party Shoes and Christmas Cheer

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us and the party shoes are quickly making their way out of the door! There’s a buzz on the high street and everyone is looking forward to spending long nights eating, drinking and otherwise socialising with close friends and family.

It’s a time for celebration, over indulgence and surrounding yourself with the people that make you happiest. I’m often guilty of having multiple ‘Christmas Dinners’ as I have so many people that I wish to see! I’m not always feeling my best on these occasions, because I like to spend a few hours in my local pub on Christmas Eve but, hey ho ;).

 There's an excitement that can be seen on my customers' faces as they try on their next pair of gorgeous shoes or boots. Ruby Shoo is proving to be one of my most popular ladies brands this season, their vintage style shoes will look great at any Christmas party. Or even work shoes for the more daring amongst you :). We have a great selection of men's shoes too, if you're heading to a black tie event or just want a comfortable pair of country boots take a look at the Loake and Anatomic collections.


All of this is great fun. However, I take the greatest joy from sharing with others the wealth and good fortune that I have experienced throughout my life. There have been some great adverts conveying the message of sharing this year, my particular favourite was made by Sainsbury’s in partnership with The Royal British Legion. I’d be very surprised if you haven’t seen it yet but just in case, you can take a look here:


I have decided that this year I will  share a little something with the homeless families in ‘Plas Bellin Hall’ near Mold (North Wales), who have been displaced from their homes. The circumstances surrounding their displacement include domestic violence and house fires with 24 families currently in residence, including children as young as 6 months. It may be a surprise to you, but there’s always a significant demand for socks! So, in partnership with my sock supplier ‘HJ Hall’, I shall be donating a pair of socks for each purchase of shoes made online or in-store until 23rd December.


I wish everyone a very merry Christmas, but please take a little time to think about those people less fortunate than yourself. I promise you that offering a helping hand to someone less fortunate, will make your Christmas the happiest you’ve ever had! If you would like to help, I am collecting gifts that will be taken to ‘Plas Bellin Hall’ on the 23rd December. Should you wish to donate a gift, please make sure to that it reaches the shop before the 23rd.


If you would like to see a more detailed description of ‘Plas Bellin Hall’, please take a look at:

Plas Bellin Hall


Thanks for reading,

Happy Christmas everyone!

Hal Holmes-Pierce

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Love the Ruby Shoos I have just received from you. Can’t wait to purchase another pair.


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