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Prestatyn in Boom!

Two years in and business in Prestatyn is booming.

The town in which I love to live, work and play has taken on a new vibrancy lately. My customers from far and wide freely share their upbeat comments about the new developments in town and the overall joyful feel. ‘Buzzing’, ‘booming’ and ‘thriving’ are adjectives commonly being used to describe the victorian seaside resort of ‘Sunny Prestatyn’.

 At this time of year my daily commute is entirely taken on foot. The beauty never fails to amaze me, from leafy tree lined streets to the old world feel of the high street; it’s truly stunning. The early birds including the butchers, bakery and newsagents are already in full swing, welcoming their morning regulars with a heartwarming smile. 

This morning, as I peered into my fellow shop owners’ beautifully decorated windows, I couldn’t help but notice the demand for additional staffing, from experienced florists to an assistant manager at one of the coffee shops. There were jobs ripe for the taking, including a position as an assistant at my shoe shop, elevate your sole. The town is growing and I am too!

I’ve been in business for almost two years now and I’m feeling more enthusiastic than ever about my prospects in Prestatyn. In the past six months my business has grown more than I thought possible. I had set myself an ambitious target of 50% year on year growth for the month of June which may sound ludicrous to some. I’m thrilled to report that my optimistic and ambitious target has been met and exceeded.

This growth has only been made possible by the loyalty and enthusiasm shown by our locals and tourists alike to make sure that the little man with enough grit and determination can succeed. I applaud my fellow shop keepers, council workers, cafe owners, hair stylists, beauticians and many more who make our high street individual and so very special.

Prestatyn is blooming!


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