Rieker Shoes: What makes them one of the best brands?

Rieker Shoes: What makes them one of the best brands?

Originally founded in Germany in the year 1874, the Rieker company has been family-owned for five generations and specialises in high quality footwear. At the time of its founding, the company originally crafted and sold shoes specifically designed for the rich and stylish; specifically, for the well-off people living in Italy. Not long after that, word of their superior craftsmanship and high quality products spread throughout all of Europe.

Eventually, they became so widely known that they were able to upgrade their operation and change locations to Switzerland. Currently, Rieker has over twenty thousand employees, and sells its specially designed anti-stress footwear all around the world (although their primary client base still remains in Europe). They have a wide variety of shoes that they sell, with their primary categories being men’s shoes, ladies’ shoes, and boots.

But one of the most notable factors that remains consistent across all the different shoe styles is that they are functional, fashionable, and comfortable. It is this combination of qualities that sets Rieker footwear apart from the products manufactured by other brands; after all, very few other companies are able to produce shoes that are both comfy and stylish. Here we will discuss some information pertaining to the various footwear items that Rieker produces (specifically, we will discuss the various shoe options that Rieker offers for both men and women) and why they are so fantastic.

As mentioned previously, Rieker produces three main lines of footwear: men’s shoes, ladies’ shoes, and boots (for both genders). Each of these categories also has several further types within them that you can choose from. For men’s shoes, for example, they offer a wide variety of styles such as formal shoes, casual shoes, slip-on shoes, sandals, loafers, hiking sandals, trainers, mules, and brogues. For women’s shoes, they offer loafers, trainers, slingback shoes, Mary Jane shoes, sandals, mules, walking sandals, and wedge sandals. Rieker also produces various types of boots for both men and women; for men they make both casual boots and Chelsea boots, and for women they make ankle boots and long boots.

All of these shoes are designed to be both fashionable and easy on your feet. This dedication to providing comfortable shoes sets Rieker apart from other companies, who often put looking good above the health and well-being of your feet. Rieker also prides itself on the variety of footwear they sell; they offer many different types of shoes, so that you will always be able to have a pair of comfortable yet good-looking shoes for any occasion, whether you’re going on a nature hike in the woods or going to a fancy lunch meeting with an important client.

First, let’s go over the different varieties of men’s footwear that Rieker offers. Men’s Shoes: Formal The formal shoes that Rieker creates are ideal for any occasional where you need to dress up, whether it’s a business meeting or a fancy holiday dinner with your family. They offer a wide range of dress shoes, giving you plenty of options to choose from when it comes it completing a fancy outfit.

They have a good selection of both lace-up and slip-on shoes, and also a great deal of variety when it comes to colour and fabric options; they offer both traditional black and brown shoes, as well as other varieties that blend colours together to create a contemporary yet upscale look.

Additionally, unlike other brands of formal shoes that can feel tight on your feet (such as pinching your toes together or putting too much pressure on your heel), Rieker’s formal shoes are designed to be soft and breathable and provide you with high levels of comfort so you can wear these shoes all day long without your feet becoming uncomfortable and tired.

Rieker Men’s Shoes: Casual (Trainers, Loafers, etc) Rieker offers a tremendously wide range of casual shoes that can go with any outfit. They have trainers, loafers, and sandals, all in a variety of styles and colors; furthermore, they offer both slip-on trainers and loafers and lace-up trainers and loafers, allowing you even more diversity to choose from when it comes to selecting your unique look and style.

Rieker also offers hiking and walking sandals should you need them. And like with the various formal shoes that Rieker makes, these more casual shoes are also designed to provide you with stylish comfort for your feet, allowing you to wear them all day without foot pain or discomfort.

Men’s Shoes: Boots -  Rieker also offers a good selection of boots to choose from, in both casual and formal styles. Additionally, all boots made by Rieker are designed to be comfortable and stylish yet also supportive durable; you will never need to worry about your boots breaking down or not giving you enough support when you walk. In any case, now that we’ve discussed the various options for men’s footwear, let’s move on to the different types of shoes that Rieker produces for women.

Women’s Shoes: Casual (Trainers, Loafers, Mary Janes, Slingbacks) Rieker offers many varieties of women’s shoes; they have trainers, loafers, Mary Jane shoes, and slingbacks. Trainers made by Rieker are specially designed to provide you with comfort, flexibility, durability, and support while still maintaining a stylish and aesthetically appealing appearance. Their loafers, meanwhile, are the perfect shoe for any casual setting; designed to be both cute and comfortable, they’re available in many different colours, styles, and patterns.

Mary Jane shoes, meanwhile, are an iconic footwear item with their stylish design that features both straps across the top of your feet as well as closed toe area; they are great for both casual and formal setting. And like with the loafers, Mary Janes made by Rieker are available in many colours and styles. And finally, Rieker also makes slingbacks, which feature an open-heel design that promotes breath-ability while also providing a unique and stylish look; ideal for the warmer months of spring and summer, these shoes are also available in a variety of colours and styles.

Women’s Shoes: Sandals Rieker manufactures not simply ordinary sandals but also wedge sandals (which feature a thicker solid heel in comparison to other types of sandals), walking sandals (which are, as the name implies, good for physical activities such as walking and hiking), and mules (which are a great type of shoe for both casual and formal settings).

All of these sandals are available in a variety of styles, but each and every type is designed with both comfort and stylishness in mind. Women’s Shoes: Boots Rieker also manufactures high-end boots for women; they currently make ankle boots, long boots, heeled boots, flat boots, and more.`

All these different types of boots also come in a variety of styles and designs; some are lace-up, some are slip-on, and there are many different colour and fabric options to choose from as well. And as with all footwear created by Rieker, these boots are created with both style and functionality in mind, so you can rest assured that you will be incredibly comfortable while wearing any of these boots.

This why Rieker shoes are incredibly popular. Our Pinterest account highlights our favourite style of Rieker shoes, sandals and boots.


My very best hiking boots are Rieker’s. Fit like a glove when I bought them, they never ever hurted and made their way to Scotland and Ireland’ walking trails. Virtually indestructible 😁 Very happy camper!


Love Rieker footwear The sandals best

Marilyn woods

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