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The 5 Types of Shoes Every Man Should Wear in 2022

Shoe shopping isn’t for everyone, a lot of people find it such a hassle and with so much choice out there with different styles and brands, it can sometimes be a bit daunting trying to find the perfect pair. So here’s a little guide to the different styles available for men this year and an idea of what best to pair them with!

 Men’s Formal Shoes

Mens Formal Shoes

Weddings are back on and where did we put those shoes? Whether they’re for work or a special occasion, the formal shoe is a wardrobe staple and perfect to go with those smart suits or even jeans for a smart casual Friday night pub session.

Often made in a brown or black leather, you’ll usually find both lace up and slip on stylings with a popular look being the brogue. A rounded or squared toe is perfect for those who need a slightly wider fit, while those with narrow feet often go for a more pointed toe for a sleek look. If you’re looking for your next pair, check out our range of Hush puppies mens shoes and Rieker for the wider fitting smart shoes to get the look.

 Men’s Casual Shoes

Mens Trainers and Casual Lace Ups

Again, a great style to have in the wardrobe as an every day shoe, casual lace ups can range from trainers to canvas shoes and look great with all your favourite day to day looks. Easily paired with jeans, shorts or casual trousers and a top pick for the more sporty among us, we love that they offer comfort, support and in some cases specialist help for the feet such as arch support and orthotics. Check out brands like Skechers and our amazing collection of Dude shoes for men with some fab lace up choices.

 Men’s Walking Shoes

Mens Walking Shoes & Boots

The past couple of years have really inspired people to get out and about more, and sometimes a better pair of shoes and boots can really help feet stay protected and comfortable. Typically with highly gripped soles for all terrains, lace fastenings for secure fits and cushioned insoles for comfort, it’s easy to see why this type of footwear is so important for avid explorers. Look at our collection of Merrell mens walking shoes and the amazing Ecco shoes and find your inner explorer.

Men’s Sandals

Mens Sandals

Nobody wants sweaty feet on a hot day, so it’s always worth having a pair of sandals at the ready for the summer sun! Whether you prefer your feet to be more covered, or you want as much air as possible getting to your toes, there are so many different styles to choose from including toe post, sliders and closed toe sandals. Discover your look with a fantastic new pair of Skechers mens sandals.

 Men’s Boots

Mens Boots 

A great choice for the colder seasons, boots are stylish, warm, practical and should certainly be a wardrobe staple. Whether you prefer a lace up military style boot or a classic Solovair chelsea boot look, there’s certainly a style for everyone! Being a completely versatile form of footwear too, it’s easy to dress them up or down, whether you want to pair them with a suit for work or a pair of jeans for a casual day out. 

And there we are, a brief guide to the different styles available for men this year! Hopefully this gives you an idea of the choices available and the brands best to look for when shopping with us. Of course, there are many options available and if you’re still having trouble choosing, please do contact us and we’re always happy to help.

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