These boots are made for walking

These boots are made for walking

For those who regularly visit my blog, you’ll know that I love giving to charity and also that I never shy away from a challenge. So, when my friend approached me a couple of months back to ask if I’d life to take part in the Oxfam trail trekker, I answered with a resounding yes!

Sounds great, right? Well I thought so anyway, but it turns out that this gruelling challenge involves walking 100km in under 30 hours! My great passion for exploring the outdoors may not look so rosy 18 hours into the journey, in the pitch black, at around midnight. I am fired up all the same.

We need to raise a total of £1500 and Barclays have agreed to match fund £4£ up to £1000. Any help that you can give as always is much appreciated. The funding page has been set up in my friend's name Liahll Bruce and can be found here

As always, due diligence is a must and I’ve got a fantastic little helper to get me ready for this task. Thanks Toffee! I’ve added a couple of photos of our ‘training’ for you to enjoy, although I should have taken so many more!

Many thanks,


Lesley and ToffeeLandscapeToffee on the beachLesley, Hal and Toffee walkingPanoramic Oxfam is a fantastic charity which works to tackle poverty, support communities and respond to emergencies around the world. You can find more details at Oxfam UK.

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