Top Kids Footwear Styles in 2022

Top Kids Footwear Styles in 2022

We know it can be a nightmare finding the perfect pair of shoes for your kids and with so many different styles and brands out there it becomes even more of a mine field trying to work out what’s best for their feet. Our kids collection is growing and growing, so with that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to the top styles this season and which brands to look out for! 

Start Rite pre walkers

Pre Walker Shoes

What is a Pre Walker shoe?

It feels like a good place to start in the guide as they’re also the shoes a lot of children start with. Pre-walkers shoes are fab for little feet that are keen to get on the move but aren’t quite steady enough to walk distance. Also known as cruisers, these soft soled shoes help to support feet and help the natural movement while they’re still learning to keep themselves steady, one step at a time. It’s always best to get little feet measured for pre walkers to ensure they have the correct size and fit, allowing enough growth room and width to avoid any rubbing or discomfort, so the best brand to consider for these is pre-walker shoes from Start-Rite!

What age do you get pre walker shoes?

Usually children start cruising between 11-13 months, although as we all know too well every little one is unique and this could conceivably start anywhere from 6-18 months. Pre-walker shoes are designed to help support the feet whilst protecting your little one from any potential hazards in the external environment. Some parents will choose to let their loved ones roam barefoot at this stage and this is also a perfectly fine choice.

Kids trainers

Children's Trainers

A wardrobe staple for most kids and adults, trainers are a fab casual choice especially for children who are always on the go. Normally with a choice of rip tape fastenings or laces children's trainers are made to be comfortable, cushioned and ready for a range of outdoor activities. Brands like Skechers offer a range of different child friendly designs, including some light up childrens trainers (which we know kids always love!) while brands like Gola and Superga are perfect for a twinning look with their adults ranges.

Are children's trainers narrower than adults?

Absolutely, they're designed with children in mind and therefore will be designed for a narrower foot.


 Heavenly Feet boots

Childrens Boots

Perfect for the colder weather, boots are a great autumn and winter choice for both children and adults. With a range of different styles, kids boots normally feature a side zip for ease of on and off and occasionally a lace fastening to create a more secure fit. They’re also completely versatile, and are often paired with trousers or dresses, so a great wardrobe addition if you don’t like to buy too many pairs (because we know how quickly they grow out of their footwear!). Heavenly Feet are a brand that have become hugely popular for kids boots over the last year or so, and for the younger children, Start-Rite offer a lovely range of Chelsea and trainer boots.

 Chipmunk wellies

Childrens Wellies

Perfect for splashing in those muddy puddles, it’s always worth having a pair of wellies to hand to save shoes getting dirty and wet! Normally bright, fun and themed most of our children's wellies also feature pull handles at the top, making it easy to get them on (especially when they’re in a rush to get outside). Our range of Chipmunk wellies is always a popular one with both kids and parents thanks to their colourful themed designs, including Gabe the giraffe, Una the unicorn and River the raccoon. Or for those who want more specialist wellies, Bogs offer a range of thermal, flexible and washable boots in a range of designs and colours. They also have rip tape fastenings at the back and pull handles making it easy for little hands to take their wellies on and off.

Birkenstock kids

Childrens Sandals

Whether it’s for a holiday abroad or just enjoying days out during the British summertime, sandals are a great choice and perfect for allowing feet to breathe. The important thing to consider with children’s sandals is how much they protect their feet, from keeping toes safe to making sure they don’t easily slip off! With a variety of different styles available, each brand tends to specialise in something different. For a more classic look, Salt-Water are a great brand to consider and even do matching adults styles, or if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, take a look at the range of Skechers, Crocs and Start Rite sandals available.

And there we go, our guide to the top styles available for kids this year. Of course, we’d always recommend getting children measured and fitted by trained specialists before purchasing as they will be able to fully advise on the best size and fit for each of the styles and brands available. You can also check out our previous blog on how to measure and fit kids feet at home if you’re struggling to get to a shop or just want to double check how their current shoes fit!

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