Earth Spirit

What has happened to the brand Earth Spirit Shoes in the UK?

Are Earth Origins, Earth Spirit and Free Spirit the same?

Yes and no, let us explain to you what's happening.

Who are Earth Spirit?

In case you’re not familiar with them as a brand, Earth Spirit have been around since the 1970’s and pride themselves in sustainability, making shoes, sandals and boots that are kind to feet and inspired by nature. With many of their styles made using recycled materials, specialised footbed designs incorporating arch support and comfort at the forefront of everything, it’s easy to see why this brand have been growing in popularity and have more and more customers choosing them over other names. We also love the earthy tones to their designs, making it an easy choice for those who prefer a more toned down approach to their footwear. 

What’s changing?

Thankfully as far as production goes, not an awful lot. The footwear will still be manufactured in the same place, using the same materials and maintaining the same quality that our customers already know and love. The big difference going forward is that these styles of sandals, shoes and boots will change their name from Earth Spirit to Free Spirit within the UK.

Who are the new owners?

Although the name may not seem familiar at first, the new owners of Free Spirit (as it will be called) are certainly not new to the industry. West Midlands Shoe Company have been trading since the 1970s and alongside Earth Spirit, are most well known for brands such as Adesso, Country Jack and Capollini. A small family owned business, they pride themselves in stocking a range of different styles and each brand brings its own unique look to the table. 

What’s coming next?

The move to Free Spirit begins this summer 2022 and we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that all of your favourite Earth Spirit sandals and other styles will be returning under their new name. We’re excited to see the ever popular sandal styles back with us, including Frisco, Fairmont and Wickford as well as some of the summer shoe range which we know our customers love just as much as we do.

For now, we're going to keep these collections together and I invite you to take a look here at the full collection of Earth Spirit & Free Spirit sandals, shoes & boots.


Usually Earth Spirit footbed fits me well.

marguerite jenkinson

Have been wearing Earth spirit frisco sandals for several years, I need new ones, sadly the free spirit version appears to only go up to a size 7, I am a size 8 so am not very happy


I have a pair of Earth Spirit Fairmont sandals in red and they are the most comfortable sandals I have ever bought. I decided to buy another pair recently and the green was the only colour available. I have just received them and they are a very nice shade of green. I will look forward to wearing them next Summer. You can’t go wrong with these sandals and they look smart with shorts, skirts or jeans . I took them on holiday and they were perfect. Fabulous.


My daughter has stolen mine because they are so comfortable and cute. I hope to see them at Walmart Canada soon so I can get a new pair


I bought a pair of white Earth Spirit toe post sandals 2 summers ago and I have been trying to find the same to replace the ones I have which are now wearing out. I can’t find the same sandal at all. The ones I have are leather with an adjustable strap and brilliant orange stripe on the top going down into the fabric toe post. They are the most comfortable sandals I have ever had and I am really sad that I can’t find the same to replace the ones that I have worn and worn and worn. I take a size 4 (EUR 37). Can you help, please?

Lorely Vigar

I miss Earth Spirit shoes. They are the only shoe I can wear comfortably since I had an ankle break 20 years ago. I was so sad to see them go away from Walmart. I purchased two to three pairs a year. Since I haven’t been able to buy any since 2019, I am down to wearing my Merrell shoes the only thing that I can tolerate. Please let me know how to purchase an Earth Spirit/Free Spirit, closed-toe shoe. Thank you, Lisa

Lisa Mares

Hope to find Earth Spirit sandals in the United States Walmarts again. Awesome, comfortable shoes!


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