What kind of slippers are good for feet?

What kind of slippers are good for feet?

The colder weather is coming in and we know many people will want to find ways to keep warm in their home, or maybe even just find the perfect gift for a loved one! So let’s take a look at some of the slippers which are best for your feet and are sure to keep you warm.

What are the best slippers for arch support?

I think a fair few of us are guilty of just buying slippers that we can slip our feet into and feel warm and comfy for the day, with little thought to how much support they are giving our feet. But ideally, slippers should be thought of the same as shoes, especially if you’re likely to wear them for a long period of time.

The best support for your feet should certainly be something you consider with every footwear purchase. One of our top picks for slippers with arch support is Strive, who specialise in orthotic styles and ensure that every pair is created to give the best support for your feet. Featuring in-built arch support in every single pair of slippers, these are perfect for those who struggle with this particular part of the foot and could be a great choice for those seeking pain relief using slippers for plantar fasciitis.

Strive Arch Support Sandals
Strive Sofia Ladies Light Grey Felt and Leather Arch Support Slip On Slippers - Strive Arch Support Slippers with snuggly lining and rubber sole unit, a great choice for those needing slippers for plantar fasciitis

What are house shoes? Are they better for my feet?

You may find podiatrists show preference to and/or recommend house shoes, rather than slippers. To be clear, they're still slippers! However, they have a more robust sole unit and support similar to that which can be found in a good supportive pair of shoes or boots.

We can't mention supportive footwear without talking about Birkenstock with their infamous cork & latex footbed. Birkenstock arch support slippers feature a deep heel cup and high toe bar, which offers great stability. The cork has sensational shock absorbing qualities and make it a fantastic choice for wearing all day long making it the perfect house shoe!  

Birkenstock Zermatt with Shearling

Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling Ladies Ecru Wool Arch Support Slip On Slippers - Arch support slippers with a warm & toasty shearling lining from Birkenstock. A great choice of supportive slippers for women.

You may also be aware of Fitflop being a leading brand for foot care, but did you know they also have a range of slippers? Using their well known Microwobbleboard and iQushion midsoles, they give the same comfort as their sandals and shoes while allowing the cushioned softness you’d expect from a slipper.

If you've had a great experience with their other footwear ranges and they really suit your feet, you're going to love the warm fuzzy feeling a pair of Fitflop slippers will offer you over the colder months.

Fitflop Felt Slippers

FitFlop Shuv Felt Clog EH5-090 Ladies All Black Felt Slip On Slippers - Fitflop Felt Slippers featuring rubber sole

What slippers are the warmest?

As mentioned, support is definitely key, but for those who just need something soft to sink their feet into after a long day in work, sometimes the added arch support just isn’t what your feet are crying out for. 

This is where brands like Yoko slippers are brilliant. Think of them as more of a luxury sock with a grippy sole, they’re made entirely of sheep wool and are so soft to touch, you won’t want to take them off! These sheep wool slippers are one of our best sellers year after year, with many customers telling us they collect each colour way as they’re the perfect solution for keeping toes cosy.


If you're looking for supportive slippers to keep your feet in tip top condition whilst you're spending more time in the house through the colder months, go for some that offer superior support and stability offered by Birkenstock and Strive.

If your priority is keeping your feet warm, then seriously consider Yoko wool slippers for the ultimate in dog on your lap, in front of the fire warmth (dog optional).

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