Podiatrist approved trainers

Which trainers would podiatrists recommend?

I think it’s fair to say that trainers are a wardrobe staple for most people all year around - they’re easy to pair with any look, quick to take on and off and a comfortable choice for when you’re on your feet a lot. But as with any style, if your feet already suffer with existing issues, it can be difficult to find something truly comfortable that you can wear day in, day out. So I’ve put together a list of trainers which are podiatrist approved and still stylish!

What do we mean by podiatrist approved?

When we talk about podiatrist approved footwear, we mean shoes that podiatrists would recommend to people as being the best for their feet. To get a more detailed explanation on what this means, I spoke to Rita Roberts from Feet First Chiropody in Llandudno -

“My advice would be to go shoe shopping in the afternoon, the feet naturally swell during the day so this is the best time. If possible get your feet measured, a lot of people still wear the same size shoe they wore in their youth. Feet change shape with age, they flatten and broaden so a wider shoe with a deep toe box is better. Also a velcro fastening or lace up as this supports the foot more securely in your shoe, stopping your foot from sliding about. Often people will buy a larger shoe size to accommodate the width so it's important to have the width of the foot checked too. Arch supported shoes can be beneficial if the foot has flattened and is causing pain on walking, as this can sometimes help.
If further help is needed please ring 01492 338642 or contact ritasfeet@gmail.com.  We can arrange an appointment for a foot health check to help with looking after your feet.”


So as you can see, it’s not quite as easy as picking out any shoes and that doesn’t just apply to those with existing foot problems, everyone should consider what’s best for their feet when purchasing their next pair of shoes! The advice given above is a perfect starting point.

Whilst we don't offer a measuring service, we can help you to find a great fit with our fantastic range of footwear. From trainers with arch support to footwear with a deep toe box. Based on the recommendations given by Rita, we'll run through some of our top picks below:


So what are the best trainers for arch support?


are a fairly new brand to us, but certainly one we’re proud to stock. Founded in 1979, their mission has always been to create footwear that deals with foot problems, rather than needing to spend a huge amount on various therapies and medication. Because of this, all of their footwear includes their three zone comfort - cushioning, arch support and stability in order to create a comfortable and easy to wear shoe that tackles any aches, pains and more serious foot issues. These may help give you relief from plantar fasciitis and heel pain whilst staying stylish.


A podiatrist approved brand and every sandal, trainer and shoe made by Strive features arch support and their bio mechanical footbed technology ensures your feet sit in the right position, improving the way you walk and your posture. Their arch support trainers are easy to get on and off with many styles including side zips or elasticated side panels, paired with lace fastenings which create a secure and comfortable fit for your feet.



Did you know that Skechers also now offer an arch support range? An already popular brand, Skechers have really widened their expertise and cater for a range of foot issues while still focussing on comfort. The Skechers Arch Fit range include both mens and women’s styles and have in built arch support insoles (which are also removable if need be) while still keeping their sporty, casual look that Skechers are so known and loved for. Podiatrist certified, these are certainly a popular and informed choice if you’re looking for this style of footwear.


What trainers are good for plantar fasciitis?

Offering styles for both men and women, we regularly recommend Waldlaufer shoes when referred by a podiatrist as they specialise in wider fittings, easy access trainers, shoes, sandals and essential comfort. All of their styles, including sandals feature removable insoles giving you the choice of inserting your own orthotic insole, or just creating more room in them if needed. If you choose to keep the insoles in, you’ll find they come with in built arch support and cushioning in all the right places to keep your feet as comfortable as possible.

Does this mean I should avoid other brands?

As Rita recommends above and a widely held view by good podiatrists, the key is to understanding the changes in your feet as you age. So it’s not so much that you shouldn’t use other brands, there are lots of fantastic brands out there who create comfortable trainers (many of which you’ll find on our website and in our stores!), the important thing is noticing any differences in the way your feet feel, and possibly seeking advice from an expert like Rita and her team to see what they would suggest is best for you going forward. Of course a lot of people who wear trainers will enjoy a range of sporting activities, so it’s even more important to look after you feet in this case - you wouldn’t want your hobbies coming to an end through a bad choice of footwear.


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