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Which walking shoes are best for wide feet?

If you have wider feet, it can sometimes be frustrating finding the perfect shoes for different occasions. We know some of our customers have resorted to having shoes stretched or even wearing a size that’s too big just to get the shoes they like. But it doesn’t have to be the case! When it comes to walking shoes, it’s really important that they fit correctly otherwise you could end up really damaging your feet. So let’s take a look at which walking shoes are best for wide feet! 

Why is it so important that walking shoes fit?

A lot happens to your feet when you spend a lot of time on them, and of course if you like to get out and about in the great outdoors, you can often be on your feet for hours on end. 

Particularly when walking, your feet are likely to get hot and can potentially swell meaning that if you already have wider feet, this could make it even more difficult to get that perfect fit. It’s often advised with walking shoes that you aim to go half a size up from your usual size. This allows the space needed for your feet to spread and swell during wear and stops you knocking your toes on the descents. 

Do Waldlaufer make walking shoes?

Absolutely! If you already purchase from brands who manufacture wide fitting footwear, you may find they actual do their own walking shoes too. Take for example one of our most popular wider fitting brands, Waldlaufer shoes. Specialising in wide fits and podiatrist approved footwear, they also do their own range of fully waterproof outdoor shoes, perfect for getting off the beaten track and exploring!

In fact, one of the most celebrated designs from Waldlaufer shoes is Holly, which has been in the range for 10+ years. A fantastically capable wider fitting walking shoe which is fully waterproof and offers ample support and grip. Knowing a thing or two about making fantastic wider fit walking shoes, they've recently expanded the range.

Waldlaufer Shoes Wide Fit Walking Boots

Waldaufer 949977 402 194 H-Emma Ladies Navy Blue Nubuck Waterproof Lace Up Ankle Boots - Waldlaufer shoes make these incredible wider fitting (E/EE) boots with 100% Waterproof Membrane and ultra grippy outsole

Do specialist walking brands offer wide fits?

So two of our most popular walking brands are Ecco and Merrell. Both offer high quality, specialist shoes designed for embracing the great outdoors. For Ecco, they don’t have a specific wider fit range and you may find some styles a little snug if you’re used to a wider fit. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re out of the question though, as you may find some of their softer uppers will allow enough room for you to be comfortable.

Are Merrell hiking boots good for wide feet?

Yes, a market leader in outdoor footwear, I can say from experience that Merrell offer a more generous fit than most of their rivals. Certain styles are going to be better for wider feet than others. When it comes to Merrell, if you have wider feet you may find it better to go with a softer upper rather than the harder walking boots. This will allow more space, and as mentioned previously, it’s advised with walking shoes and boots to aim for half a size larger to what you would normally wear, to prevent your toes knocking against the front of your shoes on those hilly descents.

Colin Hopper - BSc Hons (Podiatric Medicine), BA Hons, Cert Ed, MRCPod, MInstChP from East Kent Podiatry certainly thinks so "If you have problems with swollen feet, consider stretchy fabrics. If you have wide feet or bunions, don’t just go up a size as this doesn’t make them wider. Consider brands which have wide collections, for example Merrell or Vionic."

Offering fantastic stability and support, Merrell shoes offer a great range to keep your wider feet in tip top condition. One of my favourites is Merrell Moab featured below:

Merrell Moab Footwear

The original and best, the Merrell Moab range of shoes are an excellent choice when needing an accommodating pair of quality walking shoes

Are Skechers good for wide feet?

Explore in comfort! Skechers have always been quite generous in their sizing and often people find they can wear slightly smaller than they usually would. But did you know that Skechers also offer a wider fit range?

If you’ve purchased Skechers before, you’ll have probably heard of Relaxed Fit, which are created with extra space at the toe and the front of the foot to accommodate for any extra width needed there. This is no different for Skechers walking boots, which are also available in this relaxed fit.

Take a look at Skechers Trego Boots to find an extremely capable pair of fully waterproof walking boots that also offer a wider fit in Skechers comfort.

Skechers Wide Fitting Walking Boots

These Skechers Boots are made for walking and offer fantastic comfort and support in a fully waterproof upper and ultra grippy rubber outsole. A great choice for those needing a little extra width.


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