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Are Merrell A Good Walking Brand?

There’s nothing more fun than getting out and about and exploring the great outdoors and we’re finding that after the last couple of years, more and more people are finding a love for fresh air and freedom (when the weather allows of course!). But the important thing is having the right footwear to do this; we know how easy it is to just grab your trainers and go, but for going off the beaten path, something a bit more specialist is certainly better for your feet. 

Who are Merrell?

Established in 1981, Merrell was set up by the owners of Rosignol ski company who wanted to take things in a slightly different direction and launch a new brand of hiking boots. Alongside already popular high end shoe maker Randal Merrell, they came up with an affordable high performance boot just a year later and from there the brand took off! With diversity, inclusivity and sustainability at the forefront of their business, it’s easy to see why so many people love Merrell and rely on them so much for exploration days.


Does Merrell Make a Good Walking Shoe?

Absolutely! Firstly looking at the materials used in their shoes and boots, Merrell pride themselves on using the best materials whilst remaining ethically aware; sourcing their leathers from top rated tanneries, using recycled materials in their lining, soles and midsoles and using natural materials like wool and cotton. 

Of course being a brand that focuses on the outdoors, durability is a key factor in their footwear and certainly one that Merrell take seriously. As a brand they believe that the better the materials and manufacturing process is, the longer the shoes will last and the less you’ll have to purchase over time - something I’m sure we can all get on board with! Starting with the soles, Merrell understand the importance of grip and know that the sole takes the brunt of impact during off road walking. Because of this they design them with rugged terrain in mind, making them perfect for all areas and full on exploration. As for the uppers, they’re made to not break easily, baring in mind how many catches, scratches and dirt they may pick up during a typical hike! 

Do Merrell shoes have good arch support?

Good news! Merrell have an anatomically shaped footbed with built in arch support in their shoes and boots, so perfect for those who struggle with foot pain or have existing problems with their feet. For those who don’t necessarily need it or maybe even use their own specialist insoles in shoes, you’ll be glad to hear that these are also removable, so you do have the choice of what you’d rather have under your feet. 


Which styles are most popular?

The most popular style for men (and the original Merrell walking shoes) is Moab - a high performance choice for those who want to get the most out of their walking footwear. Available in both a boot and shoe currently, the Merrell Moab alone has waterproof options, gripped outer sole and durable uppers, so everything you could possibly need to keep feet safe, comfortable and dry on those off-road excursions!

Looking for Merrell walking shoes for women? Winning by a country mile (you'll be walking plenty of these soon) and by far the most popular in the ladies walking shoes line up is Merrell Siren 3. Designed specifically for women, this shoe has been developed from the ground up to give confidence on all types of terrain, whatever the weather.

Hitting the trails or looking for recovery after the mountain paths and prefer something light, easy going and comfortable. The Bravada range of ladies Merrell trainers are perfect for the task. Supportive and comfortable with plenty of grip, these have been a real hit with our customers. 

Don't leave the kids at home and let them safely explore the outdoors with you. Take a look at our range of Merrell walking shoes for kids with superior traction and waterproof options too.

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