Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

No gimmicks or discount codes here. To celebrate international women’s day, I wanted to share with you some of the most inspiring women in my life spanning across four generations. Family Photo

Nain (Welsh for Grandma), the family matriarch. These days a doe-eyed, doting ‘Great Nain’, who loves nothing more than playing and reading with her great grandchildren. They can do no wrong! 

Always generous with her time, I spent a lot of my formative years in the family home and joined her and my Taid (Welsh for Grandad, who had retired) on work trips around the UK. One of my earliest memories is being in Windsor Great Park with them, surrounded by huge rows of trees. 

Loving and caring, yet fierce when she wanted to be. She had my corner, but was quick to let me know if I’d stepped out of line. 

I still occasionally get reminded of the time that a huge 4ft penguin soft toy lost all it’s stuffing, consisting of small polystyrene balls. Part of the clean up operation involved throwing these balls out of an upstairs window into the back yard below. She didn’t speak to me for weeks!

Family Photo

Mum, The bond between mother and son is like no other. The unconditional love, trust and understanding without need for explanation. Nothing gets past this one. 

Patient (with me and Evelyn only), her unwavering support (whether invited or not) has been steadfast and resolute. She’s (almost) always right. Intelligent and confident, she wears a lot of hats being my coach, mentor and most importantly my Mum.

We share a drive, focus and ambition to see things through. Unfortunately for some, we also share a knack for winding people up. Always up for a laugh, the sarcastic gene runs strong, always.

Never one to miss out on anything, she’s always the first person to join in and like me is as comfortable in the West End as a weekend in Blackpool.


Lesley - Childhood sweethearts, my Wife and I (still love saying that ❤️) have been sharing our experiences together for almost longer than we haven’t. It’s been 16 years (out of 33) of mainly fun, laughter and the occasional dodgy Chinese take away.

We’ve bought a house, travelled the world and are now raising a family together. The better half and there’s no truer sense of the word here is 💯 dedicated to everyone and everything she holds dear.

A wonderful wife, mother and my best friend. There’s no one else that I’d rather spend the rest of my life with and our adventure together has only just begun.


Evelyn - Bold, bright and beautiful my daughter has taught me a lot about the importance of having fun. She has an incredible outlook on life, always playing, always mischievous. If you follow our social media pages, you’ll see that she’s up for a laugh.

I think I speak for every parent here, when saying that they grow up too fast. It only seems like yesterday that I was taking her car seat into the maternity ward getting ready to bring my family home. I had to repeat this for the next two days, as she was a little jaundiced and the nurses wouldn’t let us leave. It looked like a nice tan to me!

One of a kind, she is special to me in so many ways and I will do everything I can to give her all the love she needs.




Enjoyed reading this about your lovely family Hal and continued happiness to you all. I look forward to making more purchases soon again.

Ann Tobin

Hal, with Genes like yours, you were bound to go far. Such a lovely, caring family, love to you all ❤️x

Irene lloyd

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