Heavenly Feet Boots Display

Environmentally Friendly Comfort - Heavenly Feet

Although as a company Heavenly Feet have been around for over 10 years, we know that some aren't overly familiar with the brand and what they stand for - so here's a little insight into one of the most comfortable and stylish brands we have!

The first thing people tend to notice about Heavenly Feet boots and shoes is their chunky soles and sometimes colourful designs. But once you put your feet into them, you see the real reason this brand is pushing forward and becoming a firm favourite with a lot of customers. Their memory foam insoles are incredibly comfortable, to the point where your foot sinks into them, and with a generous fit they're perfect for people who may need a little extra width. Where possible, they have also made their insoles removable, meaning that people who need more specialised support have the option of inserting their own insoles.

But the thing that puts the company slightly ahead of others is their mission to become as environmentally friendly as they can be. Their first move was focusing on their packaging, with them making boxes with built in handles, removing the need for a plastic bag when you purchase! And with the boxes being fully cardboard, they can easily be put into the recycling once you're finished with them. Heavenly Feet have also recently launched a new part of their brand known as Recykers - shoes made completely from organic and recycled materials - we can't wait to see more of these!

Another thing our customers love about this brand is the fact they're vegan friendly! The stylish uppers are so soft and comfortable that you'd never guess they're not leather!

This season we also managed to get our hands on something which is even brand new to Heavenly Feet themselves - they have now launched a kids range too! Keeping the same look, the same memory foam insoles and the same vegan friendly design, meaning you can now twin with your little one!

So there it is, a little insight to one of our favourite brands in store and online. Why not try a pair this year and see for yourself how comfortable they are?

Heavenly Feet Boots Display

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