Finding a comfortable fit - Discovering Waldlaufer

Finding a comfortable fit - Discovering Waldlaufer

Quite often we meet customers who are looking for certain specifications when choosing their next pair of shoes - whether that be a wider fit, something to counteract an existing issue with their feet or just an increased level of comfort during wear. More often than not the first brand that comes to mind in these situations is Waldlaufer; a brand that some may not be aware of, but a brand that people definitely come back for time after time, and here are a few reasons why...


So Who Are Waldlaufer?

Launched in 1960, the brand takes it's name from the founders love of his home town and the scenic areas of Germany, with all of their shoes still handcrafted in Europe to this day. Their focus is on sustainability, style and more importantly something wearable for every need.


Increased Comfort 

We know that for some, finding a shoe that fits comfortably can be an absolute nightmare! They can be too tight, not the right fit or even not supportive enough for the foot. This is where Waldlaufer are really brilliant - not only do they offer wider fitting shoes (with most being E, G, H or even K fittings!) they also have removable insoles in all of their shoes, meaning you can create that extra room or insert a specialist insole if needed!


Making Them Special

A shoes comfort is obviously key when you're choosing your next pair, but the style is just as important! Waldlaufer pride themselves on using top quality leathers while making each shoe breathable and soft. As a brand they realise that not every foot is the same, and they certainly keep this in mind when making each pair meaning that this is a great brand to go for no matter how difficult you find buying shoes.


Made To Move

It may sound silly to say the shoes are made to be worn (of course they are) but this brand take it to the next level - with a love of the outdoors and nature, it's ensured that their shoes are durable as well as comfortable. The shoes are also lightweight and we get many comments from customers who tell us they're like a nice pair of slippers to wear - so what could be better for those long walks?


Well there you have it, a brief look into Waldlaufer and one that I hope will make you keen to give them a try! 

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Havé just bought Waldlaufer trail shoes and they are brillant. Comfortable, Light but sturdy, and also stylish! They were delivered with a personal touch by Hal himself . Wonderful shoes and great service.

Nita baird

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