Fitflop Mens Sandals at Llandudno

Finding your feet with Fitflop

Fitflop have become a big fish since entering the footwear market in 2007, and considering they’re a fairly young brand, they’ve certainly taken the footwear world by storm and introduced us to a whole new way of thinking when it comes to kitting out our feet! We certainly love them here at elevate your sole and have significantly increased the number of Fitflop styles that we have on offer year round. A customer favourite, carry on reading to find out why:

Do podiatrists recommend FitFlops?

Many podiatrists recommend FitFlop to people who have existing foot problems, as well as those looking to promote good foot health and have been endorsed as such by the 'American Podiatric Medical Association'.

A fantastic achievement, this is due to the fact that each pair is made with the natural movement of the foot in mind. Working alongside a Biomechanist, FitFlop test each of their styles using the latest technology to ensure that the foot is supported in all the correct areas. They actually use a higher level of testing than most of their competitors (except those offering high quality sports or performance footwear) as they believe every day type footwear should offer extraordinary comfort and support, making use of the latest footwear technology.

Why are FitFlop good for feet? 

So let’s take a look at exactly what makes Fitflop so different. As mentioned above, Fitflop use the latest technology and expertise to study the natural movement of the body and this brings them to focussing on three main areas - muscle activity, body alignment and pressure diffusion. Using treadmills and specialist sensors at their human performance lab in Calgary, they continuously collate data and can therefore ensure that each style offer the same great cushioning as the last. Over time, it also allows them to perfect the method by which they create their future footwear. 

Fitflop Mens SandalsFitflop Mens Sandals featuring micowobbleboard footbed technology

Are FitFlop sandals comfortable?

Yes (and I should know, I love wearing my Fitflop Sandals, see above!). All designs created at Fitflop go through rigorous testing to ensure that they will remain comfortable all day long. The renowned Fitflop wobbleboard footbed offers fantastic shock absorption and superior cushioning for all day comfort.

I've had many customers tell me how they're the only sandals they can wear, helping with aches and pains from plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, flat feet and relieving pressure from the knees. If you'd like a comfortable pair of summer sandals, these may be a great choice for you.

Take a look and invest in a pair of the latest Fitflop Sandals that we have on offer here

What is the most comfortable FitFlop?

If you're looking for the original and quite possibly the best and most comfortable Fitflop, make sure that you take a look at Fitflop Walkstar. Offering a generous wide fitting and wobbleboard footbed, these have everything that make Fitflop the number one choice for many.

However, with so many styles to choose from and with each style having gone through the same rigorous testing, it really just comes down to which style takes your fancy on the day!

Fitflop Walkstar Sandal in LilacFitflop Walkstar Sandals featuring wobbleboard footbed finished in Lilac

Are FitFlop boots good for your feet?

Although I've spoken a lot about the sandals (and for good reason, they're great!) it's important to note that Fitflop offer a fantastic range of footwear year round (and whatever the weather).

The same meticulous planning, execution and testing is used for all other types of footwear too. Fitflop boots are often lightweight and extremely comfortable with some styles making use of the the wobbleboard sole unit as utilised in the sandals.




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Just bought my first pair of Fit Flops after seeing them on a friend and commenting on how attractive they are. She loves hers and now I love my Fit Flops—so well made!

Jackie Maleck

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