Get the look - A guide to women’s styles

Get the look - A guide to women’s styles

We know it can feel pretty overwhelming when you’re faced with a lot of choice, especially if you don’t really know what sort of thing you’re looking for. So I’ve put together a guide to the different shoe styles for women (don’t worry, there will be one for the men too!) and little tips on what to match them with!



These tend to be a bit of a wardrobe staple as they’re comfortable and perfect for that everyday look. Whether you need them for sports, running or just a quick option for popping out with friends and family, they’re a great all rounder and go perfectly with jogging bottoms, leggings, jeans, shorts - the options are endless!


Lace Up Shoes

If you need something a little smarter than a trainer (or if trainers just aren’t your thing) but still with a comfy lace up feel, then there are plenty of options in lace up shoes! Again a very versatile choice, lace up shoes look great whether you’re heading to the office or just out for the day with friends.



Ballerina Shoes

Ballerina shoes are fab for those who need something easy to slip on in the morning and easy to take off at the end of the day. They’re flat, open and often finished with a little bow detailing at the front, but the best part is that they’re perfect for jeans or dresses meaning they will quickly become a wardrobe staple.




We all know how uncomfortable some footwear can be in the warmer weather, so sandals are a great choice for those hot, sunny days! With styles such as toe posts, slip on and gladiator, there's certainly a sandal for everyone.




Wedges are a great choice for those who aren’t overly confident in heels! They’re perfect for adding a little height to your look but still having the feeling of wearing a flatter shoe. They also look great dressed up or down - whether you’re off to the beach or headed to a wedding, wedges look fab either way!


Court Shoes 

These are definitely the perfect choice if you need a more formal look. Court shoes have a beautifully sleek look with a feminine heel and look great dressed for the office or a formal occasion. Court shoes are also a popular choice for brides! 




The winter wardrobe staple, boots are perfect for when the colder weather hits! With so many different styles of boots, they’re very easy to dress up or down - ankle boots look great with jeans, knee high boots are the perfect companion to your favourite dresses and heeled boots are great for taking your look from day to night. 

So there we have it! A brief guide to the various shoe styles and the best ways to style them. We have a fab range of all these various styles both in store and online, so make sure you take a look!


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