Styles of Rieker Shoes

Styles of Rieker Shoes

Rieker is a brand that most people associate with comfort, with soft soles that provide enough arch support to be comfortable all day. However, there are a number of different styles or Rieker shoes - this German brand makes slip on shoes, sandals, lace up boots, and ankle boots to suit all styles and seasons. Whether you’re dressed up for an event or dressed down for the beach, this brand has a shoe for every occasion!

Their summer shoe collection is a comfortable, slip-on style that varies from open heel and ballet flats to a style more similar to a moccasin - great for transitioning from the office to the park. The fall shoe collection is darker in tone and features more heels, muted browns, and includes lace-up shoes more similar to sneakers. It’s a larger collection that has shoes that can be dressed up or dressed down, and tends towards a basic, day to day look that won’t overpower your outfit.

Their sandal collection varies between flats and wedge heels, with thick, bold straps that feature a pop of colour. They’re more of a casual shoe, as sandals tend to be, but the wedge sandals could easily be dressed up for a more formal occasion if you don’t want to spend the evening of your event in painful shoes!

The materials of the shoes tend to be synthetic, but the sandal collection in particular features cute accents and jewels, particularly metal clasps in front that give them a distinctive look. There are also some fun patterns in the sandal collection - it’s definitely not too late to find some summer shoe bargains! If you’re already looking ahead towards fall shopping, their boot collection is definitely worth a look.

Boots are where Rieker shines, offering a wide range of choices from ankle boots with a heel, to flat ankle boots, all the way to knee-highs and everything in between. The boots tend to be natural materials, and the lamb’s wool lined leather boots are a beautiful option for snowy terrain, or any terrain that demands a fashion statement. Casual and laid back, many of their boots feature wool lining, slung-on leather straps, and plenty of bold and neutral colour options.

Their boot collection is also where to look for dressier shoe options from Rieker - their feminine ankle boots with lacy detailing are a funky option for those who would rather wear an out-of-the-box statement shoe than a delicate heel at a formal event.

There’s a wide range to choose from - Rieker definitely cuts across many different styles and wardrobes. It’s a versatile brand when it comes to boots, but the shoes and sandals are definitely more of a specific, distinctive look. Definitely check out this brand if you’re looking for a neutral shoe or sandal, or if you love boots and want a new pair for fall!

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