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What walking shoes are best for flat feet?

We spoke to Danielle Kempster from Betafeet Podiatry and it got us thinking about the best walking shoes for flat feet. "Personally I like a walking boot, yes even for everyday wear... one that has Gore Tex to keep feet dry are great for winter."

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Flat feet or dropped arches can certainly be a common problem for people, whether it be down to having them since childhood, an injury or just the body getting older and changing. But what should you be looking for in your footwear if you have flat feet?

Do I have flat feet?

If you’re not sure if your feet are flat, the easiest way to tell is to look in a mirror side on without footwear. If the middle of your foot completely touches the floor, the chances are you have flat feet. If there is a slight lift at the centre of your foot, this will be your arch.

For many, flat feet don’t cause issue at all but for some it can lead to additional pain in the foot and ankle which can, over time become unbearable if not dealt with. Read more about flat feet on the NHS website.

So, what shoes do you need for flat feet?

The important thing when picking out footwear for flat feet is to focus on the problem areas. One of the main ones of course is support for the arch of your foot. Many brands now offer in built arch support in their shoes which removes the need to purchase a separate insole although a custom orthotic is always going to be best if you're advised that you need one.

You also need to consider the amount of cushioning you’ll need. Looking for a memory foam or cushioned insole will give that comfort you need around your heel, hopefully meaning you can enjoy being out and about a lot longer!

If you do suffer with ankle pain too, you may want to consider something a little higher around the ankle to give you more support.

Which footwear brands would be best for flat feet?

If it’s a full on, proper walking shoe you’re after then it’s certainly worth looking at Ecco and Merrell. Both brands are top of their game for high standard walking shoes and provide excellent support around the arch, the heel and the ankle. There are plenty of styles available for both men and women too!

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Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more casual, maybe for the odd walk with friends or to take the dog out? Then it’s definitely worth taking a look at Skechers! Although known mainly for their trainers they do offer a range of walking shoes which still feature their memory foam and cushioned insoles, with some styles now offering arch support thanks to their Arch Fit range.

If you also need a wider fitting shoe, then take a look at Waldlaufer. Known for their wider fitting styles, they have a few walking shoes available now, all featuring their orthotic insoles with built in arch support. And as these are podiatrist approved, you know you’re getting a quality shoe that will be good for your feet.

Of course, if your feet cause you a lot of pain due to fallen arches, it’s always worth speaking to a podiatrist first to see what they recommend would be best for your feet and which area of your foot could use the most support.

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